Month: January 2017

Great Interior Living Room with Fireplace

Everyone wants to have a different view of living room. This great living room with fireplace mantle has it’s own uniqueness. In this room, there are a spiral shaped stairs. These stairs have a gray color that can be used as access from the 1st floor to the 2nd floor. These stairs have the precise locationRead More

Floral Yellow Interior Living Room with Fireplace

Yellow house dominated color to be a trend right now. Minimalist living room with a floral motif has a yellow background can provide beauty in this room. The living room should be designed as comfortable as feasible. The living room should be looked cheerful. With the yellow color can make a living room look cheerful and niceRead More

Impressive Natural Interior Apartment Living Area

Having spacious living room apartment that requires thinking about the arrangement of the furniture and the division of space is right. For those of you who make the living room as a gathering place for a big family, you can then provide broad space in your living room. As in this room has a spacious sizeRead More