Month: May 2017

Cool and Comfortable Bed Designs for Teens

According to scientists, we need about a third of our life in bed and it means that your bed time is vital. Therefore selecting the right bed is important. It means if you choose the wrong bed, it will ruin your next day. Some signs that your bed is comfortable or not. See the picture,Read More

Creative Bedroom Design with Driftwood Headboard

For those who love DIY weekend project, adding and creating a driftwood headboard is a fun thing to do. It is the best option to take the available resource and then use it for free to create wood pallets or even driftwood headboard. It is also recommended for those who want to save money onRead More

Minimalist Apartment Design with Modern Red Loveseat

For every space, loveseat is an essential piece. Loveseat can be added to absolute your living area also bedroom. It is one of the most essential pieces of furniture that is good to create incredible interior design. When you have a minimalist or modern home or apartment design, it means that you should go withRead More

Large Bedroom Interior With Wood Bedroom Frame

Bed frames are designed to support box spring as well as mattress. It is not required if you think that it doesn’t matter to place both mattress and box spring on the floor, but adding bedroom frame provides more comfortable to you because the bed is raised higher up. Most people don’t want to bendRead More

Smart Bedroom Design With Shelves Divider

Shelving brings a lot of advantages to any space and you can start from freestanding, modular to wall-hung shelving units. You can place three open shelf unit flush to any wall and this can be helpful to create built-in storage without dominating the room. The right unit should be about 3 to 5 cm spaceRead More