Creative Interior Design Living Room DIY

Creative Interior Design Living Room DIY

Contemporary elegant living space with a stone wall can add to the beauty in your living area. The living space should be created as well as possible for the guests comfortable in this room. This space has a pendant lamp that is applied to the fortifications white with some modern furniture applied in this room. This room has a nice arrangement of furniture and a nice combination of house paint.

One of furniture that should be there in the living room is a wooden table. Inside the living area has a wooden table with a brown color combined with modern white luxury sofas applied to the brown rug. In addition, this room has a mix of modern paint color is the color gray is very similar to the stone wall siding.

To create a warm room, the use of the wooden floor. Excess wooden floor one to beautify and warm the atmosphere. With their little stone wall behind LED TV provides a high artistic value in combination with wall shelves used to put some books and unique accessories that can be decorated a living room.

In order for the living room look elegant, then you can use a curtain with white color is applied to the wooden frame windows are applied to the white wall. This room has an elegant large window that is elegant. To add to the spacious atmosphere in the room then there is a minimalist mirror which is very useful for your home interior.

There is a variety of furniture belonging to the components of living area sets. Types of components can vary, according to your choice. But generally living room set consisting of a sofa, a table, a TV table and dresser. However, various companies that provide living area furniture sets usually add a few more, which will make viewing the living room becomes more elegant and attractive when viewed.