Quirky Elegant Interior Design Living Room Corner

Quirky Elegant Interior Design Living Room Corner

In general, the impressive corner of the house can be used for decorating the place. You should be more careful and diligent in maximizing to the presence of a corner house that has more functionality and art decor. The corner space in the house can you change the storage of goods or as a wall decoration more functional so that your home will be more comfortable for habitation.

In decorating the interior of the house, especially the corners have to apply the right concept. You can make the most out of every space available. You can use for storage, exhibition area collectibles, or add aesthetic value. Modern minimalist room design of this house has a simple division. Every corner of the house can be utilized optimally.

The corners of the room minimalist living room are left that can still be used in them is at the bottom of the stairs or under windows. Things you should do is the selection of ornaments that no impression claustrophobic. You can add information to confirm the presence corner of the room is to be applied side table and ceiling light.

You can use the corner space as a multifunctional area for the effort to cultivate corner of the room has added value. You can combine the accessories used in the corner of the room with the other interior elements to appear harmonious. This room has a large LED TV is placed on wooden shelves. Wooden shelves are also used to put some small accessories that will add to the value of art in it.

To provide comfort while you watch TV then you can apply brown cushions are applied to microfiber sofa cream applied to the wool rug can make the room look very warm. To add warmth to this room there is a fireplace in the corner that has a stone fireplace mantle siding. In this room, there is also storage on a wooden cabinet.