The Eclectic Caged Chandelier Floor Lamp Design For Cool Bedroom

The Eclectic Caged Chandelier Floor Lamp Design For Cool Bedroom

Surely you understand well and we don’t need to tell you that lightings and lamps are the essential design elements to complete your bedroom. Floor lamps or standing lamps work with double functions. You can use it as a nice addition to determine the whole aura of your bedroom. Therefore some considerations are important to take carefully.

This bedroom has caged chandelier ground lamp which is perfect to complete the area. It is close to a sofa that makes it more inviting. Without the floor lamp, we believe that the space is quite bland there. With the caged chandelier tripod floor lamp design, we think that it works best to add industrial style.

This chandelier also has conspicuous design which is good to add height, color together with character to the space. It gives more subtle look and at the same time, it can blend with the fittings and furnishings in this bedroom space.

The designer understands really well that too make a statement through a floor lamp, it depends on the available space in this bedroom. This chandelier ground lamp has tripod legs which are good to complete the empty corner as you could see from the picture. But, of course it takes more floor room especially if the bedroom is very small. Therefore, this chandelier lamp seems great also cool for a big bedroom as the picture shown.

Next is about how this floor lamp can complete the scale of the bedroom. The bedroom has a low ceiling and we gleeful that the floor lamp doesn’t come with very tall design. It could be used for enterprise lighting and ambient lighting. It is important to decide about the priority.

The floor lamp is placed next to a sofa to give reading light and it is better to find that the bottom fo the shade is at eye level when sitting.