The Functional Black and Brown Contemporary Bedside Table

The Functional Black and Brown Contemporary Bedside Table

Choosing bedside table should be planned wisely. You have to decide whether you will go with metal, wood or acrylic. It is also important to consider about the shape whether you want square or round with shelves or drawer in high or low profile design.

Good Characteristics of Contemporary Bedside Table.

This is a black and brown bedside table with many drawers and it doesn′t have any shelves. The bedside table has brown trimmed design with smooth top surface to host the night lamp and some books. It is a good example of contemporary bedside table.

To say whether a bedside table is good or not as well as the first thing to point out is the height. The ideal side table should have proper height which is equal or just below the arm of the bedroom it is next to. It creates a nice visual flow to the bedroom itself and it is easy to reach to turn on a lamp.

At this point, it is still a good table side to complete your bedroom.

Next it is about the look. A good bedside table should provide a beautiful contrast to the room and you have to work with the existing furniture there. If you have a lot of upholstered pieces or bold patterns, choose a bedside with soft edges, more clean visual texture and streamlined design just like the look of this black and brown bedside.

Third is about the shape. Round table is perfect to give balance of square room especially with much boxy furniture inside. But, this picture has square tables which are recommended to provide more surface space so you could hold many accessories on it. Therefore, you have to think about what you are going to add on the top of the bedside.

In short, a good bedside table should give you those points above.