The Vintage Suitcase Side Table To Enhance Bedroom Decor

The Vintage Suitcase Side Table To Enhance Bedroom Decor

Vintage piece is always precious whether you are an old school lover or modern décor enthusiast. At this time, you don’t even want to toss it out although it was broken already. It would be better if you can incorporate your vintage suitcase to be the part of home decor. Voila, make it a side table!

The Best Vintage Suitcase Side Table For Bedroom.

Here you could perceive how it is quite beautiful to transform a vintage suitcase to something different but useful that is the side table. This old blue suitcase lied on a tripod wooden stool. It has very unique look since it is topped with a nice white night lamp as well as two sleek flower vases. These things are helpful to give some complimenting accents around your bedroom.

This is a good-looking cerulean blue suitcase that can be a big addition to your room especially for a dream nightstand. The angled legs are added to give a ultimate touch.

Of course, many people think that a memory is a precious thing that is more than just to make you live again. This way helps you to commemorate your travel time and some places you have visited before. By displaying vintage suitcase, it also means that you have unique way to keep all memories about your world adventures. It also works for you who have an old suitcase but do not know what to do. Instead of casting it away, you can make a valuable piece as this picture shown.