Tropical Bedroom Design with Simple Wooden Bunk Bed

Tropical Bedroom Design with Simple Wooden Bunk Bed

It can be a bit intimidating when you have to select your first bunk bed, whether it is for family member or not. It is different from buying other bit of furniture. Some considerations should be taken carefully such as the safety and the functionality so you know that the loft bed or the bunk bed you select is the right option.

How To Purchase The Right Wooden Bunk Bed.

In this picture, the bunk bed works perfectly in the room. It only could be achieved if you measure the floor space and the ceiling height first. The right wooden bunk bed should have about 24-inch to leave from the ceiling to the top of the bunk bed itself so that it can avoid bumping into the ceiling while getting on or off the upper bunk.

Bunk bed in this picture is not located next to a window which is a good consideration to take. It is good for concerned parents because the stairs are the safe and easy access to go to the top bunk. Although some model goes with storage drawers below the stairs, it doesn’t go with this feature.

Typically, wood bunk beds are established from soft wood including pine, or hardwood such as birch. Some also are available with solid and engineered wood as a smart combination. It is good to complete traditional room with the cherry, walnut and dark oak accomplish.

In the end, you can purchase a bunk bed as the picture if you think that your kids are old enough so they can access the top bunk without any problems. Just be sure that you choose a bunk bed with safety and guard rails especially for the upper bed to give more security.