Unique Wooden Two Stories Bed for Girls

Unique Wooden Two Stories Bed for Girls

When we have twins or children who do not much difference in age, we will make two rooms for them, but it would be very inconvenient and spending budget and to house a minimalist model will definitely be hindered by limited land and the size of the house. Therefore on this occasion we will provide information about the child’s bed suitable level for twins. by applying a bunk bed like in this picture then you will get a lot of benefit either to save space or room and also the budget.

Bed design level there are divers things to be considered the most important thing is security. Security bunk should have the power of design and material manufacturer. Choose the hard wood, and quality for when the beds were used by children no harm. Use the stairs with interesting shapes and also solid so that children are easy to access on the bed top.

Beautify Unique Wooden Two Stories Bed For Girls.

Design and appearance of the bed to the child should also be adjusted with the interior of the room. As in minimalist room type, then you should use a bunk bed with bright color. The top of the bed should use a deck or fence to provide comfort during sleep and also keep children from falling when in a state of unconscious (sleep).

Because the concept in the room took a contemporary modern theme, the wood used for the bed partially use natural color of wood visible wood fibers so it seems more natural. While in the storage cabinets that include the bed can be painted with white color. In order to see the level of a child’s bed cannot be too lonely combined with patterned pillows or mattresses that bright. Like sheets of green and purple patterned pillow star. Children usually prefer bright motifs and also interesting.